Rim: 42 mm Clincher / Tubeless Ready Made in Germany!
Width: 29 mm / Internal Width: 22 mm
Hub: DT Swiss 180 Cernterlock / Extralite SPD3 HDC-Ceramic 6-bolt
Compatibility: front 100mm / rear 142mm, through axle 12mm
Spokes: CX Ray 2.0
Total weight: 1265 g (Extralite SPD3 hubs) / 1300 g (DT Swiss 180 CL hubs)
Rim weight only: ca. 395 g (per rim)

Our lightest TLR rim, despite its outstanding stability and durability!

Delivery lead time: Place any wheelset order today and we will assemble and ship it within 2 days! 

Optimized V-Shape

Optimised force transmission from the spokes via the nipples into the rim. Less material is required to stabilise the sidewalls – the force flow-oriented design of the shape allows optimised fibre placement and high stability with low weight. The specially optimised shape reduces susceptibility to crosswinds and gusts, making the rim the first choice for a smooth ride in diffuse conditions

Inner width

22 mm – we have extracted the maximum rim width from the shape without removing the safety aspect of a hook. At 22 mm, the rim is suitable as a modern road rim for 28 mm tyres and larger.

Field of application

Road, light gravel – the TLO42 rim feels at home on any terrain, whether on the road or on a bikepacking trip. Extensive tests have confirmed this. The TLO42 is optimised for impact resistance, and the wheel can take even rough impacts without any problems.

Rim construction

The rim consists of high-quality Japanese fibres which are laid down in a near-netshape in the preforming process to suit the load. At every point of the rim, the fibres have the same optimum angle to the centre of the wheel – this uniqueness allows us to reduce weight and achieve thin wall thicknesses without sacrificing stability and impact resistance. In an iterative process, the fibre architecture was examined in detail and successively optimised by a team led by Stefan Schmolke. Once the optimisation of the fibre design was complete, the fibre volume content, the ratio of fibres to resin, was readjusted. Model considerations were transferred into countless prototypes and the tools and moulds were optimised step by step. The process was not always straightforward, but the product is: optimisations and, in some cases, more complex manufacturing processes made it possible to save around 40g in weight. The impact-reducing fleece on the horn is made from 100% recycled fibres.

Hubs of our trust

DT Swiss – for 3 years now, we have been relying on the quality and durability of the DT Swiss 180 hub for our “top range” TLO. Coupled with the very low weight, the DT Swiss 180 hub is the perfect match of all parameters that are important for Schmolke standards. The extremely reliable freehub system ensures direct power transmission even under the highest loads. Smooth-running SINC ceramic bearings with their extremely low rolling resistance provide a clear advantage.

Extralite – right from the start, we have been using the ultra-light hubs from Extralite, which are CNC-milled from high-strength 7075TX aluminium near Milan. The hub body rotates around a 15 mm front and 17 mm rear aluminium axle with HDC ceramic deep groove ball bearings. The axial play can be finely adjusted using the micro-tuner. A tried and tested pawl freewheel works in the rear hub. A new feature is the use of titanium gearing with 32 teeth, which is controlled by two pawls.


We use steel spokes from the Belgian manufacturer SAPIM on all of our wheels. With the CX-Ray elliptic spoke we installed, Sapim has succeeded in developing an exceptional spoke. In addition to its low weight, it has exceptional load capacity and flexibility. This also results in the large area of ​​application. Regardless of whether it is a racing bike, gravel or MTB wheelset, they all benefit from these positive properties. In addition, the flattened middle section ensures excellent aerodynamics. The high quality of the material enables the construction of stable wheels and guarantees a long service life.

Which freewheel system do I need?

Before you make the purchase, you should be clear about which group set you have installed on your bike. This determines which freehub body you should order.

Shimano – if you have installed a Shimano group set, please select Shimano (HG-11) as the freehub body. Even with the new 12-speed group, the cassette can still be installed on the conventional HG-11 freehub body without any problems.

SRAM – if your bike has a SRAM group with an 11-speed cassette, you should choose the Shimano HG-11 freewheel body to be able to install your cassette. The newer 12-speed AXS gears from SRAM require the XDR freehub body for assembly, in which the cassette is screwed onto the body in one piece.

Campagnolo – if you have installed a Campagnolo 12-speed group, we ask you to select the “Campagnolo” freehub body when ordering. For example, if you need the N3W freehub body for your “EKAR” gravel group, please let us know in the order comments.

Wheel building

The TLO42 wheels are painstakingly laced and centered by our wheel builder. This is done in our workshop in Konstanz on beautiful Lake Constance. Great care is taken to ensure that each wheel is finished with optimal concentricity and the correct spoke tension. In order to optimize the fit of the spokes, our TLO42 wheels are machine pressed several times with a precisely defined force. This means that you as a customer do not have to have the wheels re-centered after a short time, but can enjoy the full driving pleasure of the wheels straight away and without any restrictions.

Assembly instructions

Do you have special requests or would you like to have different components fitted to your bike? Let us know how you envision your custom bike. We will work with you to build your dream bike: to the contact form.

TLO 42 Clincher/TLR Disc



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