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Whether tuning or parts replacement: wheels or complete wheel sets are the most important retrofit components on a bike. And no other component on MTB, gravel bike or road bike influences the performance as much as the wheel. When choosing the right wheelset for your bike, it depends on various criteria – and on an experienced wheel builder.

Handmade in Germany

Machine production is good, but only manual work makes it perfect. SCHMOLKE Carbon uses high-quality rims from machine production. Because only the machine achieves the perfect fiber angle at every point of the rim. This makes them far superior to handmade rims produced with prepreg. Machine-made rims are extremely stiff at the sides and allow a comfortable rolling radially. You feel that when you ride.

When assembling the wheels, SCHMOLKE Carbon again relies on classic craftsmanship: In our workshop in Constance, your wheelset is spoked by hand, centered and mechanically pressed with defined force. Therefore, a re-centering after the first driven kilometers is not necessary. Perfect concentricity and a stable, durable spoke structure are the result of years of experience and precision in wheel construction.

Aerodynamics: Be a Streamliner

If you want to go faster, you should work on your aerodynamics. Aero wheels or aerodynamic wheels are real streamliners. They not only look more progressive, they also reduce wind resistance. Wheels made of carbon are significantly lighter and more aerodynamic because the modern bulbous shapes can be realized more precisely. A high rim profile also favors aerodynamics and additionally provides the necessary stiffness, which must be compensated by omitting the spokes.

Axle systems, hubs and dimensions – this is what you have to consider!

A distinction is made between two axle systems: Quick release and thru axle systems. Both systems are used on road bikes, while gravel bikes and mountain bikes only use thru axle systems, as they fix the wheel more rigidly in the frame and on the fork. With the classic quick releases, however, the wheels are easier to install and remove.

In combination with disc brakes thru axles with 12 or 15mm diameter at 100mm or 110mm (Boost) width are installed on the front wheel. At the rear wheel are 12mm diameter at 142mm or 148mm (Boost) width the rule.

From the table you can read the most important data and dimensions for the common axle standards.

The hubs must also fit the axle system. High-quality hubs can be converted with an adapter. In general, however, the components, i.e. axles, wheelsets and hubs, are not always compatible with each other.

For gravel bike and road bike we recommend DT Swiss and Extralight hubs: DT Swiss 180 and 240 are not only popular in professional sports. They are robust, lightweight and have a centerlock disc pickup. Also de Extralight Disc hub SPD3 is ultra-light and is prepared for a 6-hole disc intake.

Rim brake or disc brake: Which braking system do you use?

Disc brakes or disc brakes are now standard on gravel bikes and mountain bikes. When it comes to weight reduction and maximum performance, the rim brake still has its raison d’être. Often the rim brake is used in professional sports and high-quality carbon racing bikes – here every gram counts. In our online store you will find from the TLO series (the lightest one) suitable wheelsets, both for the disc brake and for the rim brake.

Clincher, Tubular and Tubeless: Which tire do you ride?

You are looking for a replacement for your tire, want to tune your MTB, gravel bike or road bike with a new carbon wheelset or wonder what type of tire is installed on your bike? Here you can find out the differences.

Clincher tires:
Clinchers are standard on road bikes and are also called folding tires. The type of tire is made of nylon or even cotton braid with a Kevlar rim and is therefore extremely light and flexible. The tube inside presses the casing against the rim in the rim flange and gives the tire the necessary support.
weight: light
Emergency running properties: poor
Mounting: easy, only the hose must be changed

Tubeless tires:
Tubeless tires do not need a tube and are suitable for any type of bike. Because you can drive with less tire pressure and thus have more comfort – perfect for MTB and gravel bikes. Due to the lack of tube, fewer parts need to be rolled, which reduces rolling resistance. Also the risk of a puncture is lower, as long as „sealing milk“ or Tubeless milk is used. SCHMOLKE Carbon offers optimized carbon tubeless ready clincher rims in all dimensions.
weight: low
Emergency running properties: good
Mounting: complex

Tubular tires:
Professionals swear by the tubular tire, because this type of tire brings together with the rim the lowest weight on the scale. The specially shaped rim bed does without a rim flange and is glued to the tire. This makes the tire more stable and prevents it from being crushed when driving through a pothole, which offers great advantages, especially in racing. After a puncture, you can continue to ride for some time without air. Small holes can often be repaired with sealing milk.
weight: very low
Emergency running properties: sufficient
Mounting: complex

Hold your upgrade:
3-years warranty on SCHMOLKE carbon wheels and wheelsets

In addition to the statutory warranty of 2 years, you get on all SCHMOLKE carbon wheels and wheelsets one year warranty on top. For the full warranty claim, simply register your product after purchase at schmolke-carbon.de/myaccount.

Even after the warranty has expired and in case of irreparable damage to your SCHMOLKE carbon wheel or wheelset (e.g. due to an accident) you can make use of our Crash Replacement Service. If you buy a new SCHMOLKE carbon product as a replacement, we will grant you a discount on the respective list price. The discount depends on the age of the product. Therefore, please also send us the proof of purchase.

Luca Jenni: Leading in the Mountain Classification

Konstanz, June 12th, 2024 – Luca Jenni (Swiss Cycling), who is competing for the Swiss national team, is riding the SCHMOLKE Aerrow TLO Dura-Ace in the current Tour de Suisse. In the last two stages


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