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High-comfort Schmolke Carbon bike wheels, rims and wheelsets

Carbon wheelsets for the optimum bike feeling

Extended bike tours and challenging competitions require each and every part of the bike to be reliable. Carbon bike wheels ensure ideal positioning, increasing both stability and safety. The following carbon bike wheelsets add tremendously to road and off-road comfort:

  • TLO 30 Tubular Wheelset

    from: 1.840,34
  • TLO 30 Disc Tubular Wheelset

    from: 1.840,34
  • TLO 45 Tubular Wheelset

    from: 1.075,63
  • TLO 45 Disc Tubular Wheelset

    from: 1.924,37
  • TLO 45 Clincher Wheelset

    from: 2.008,40
  • TLO 45 Disc Clincher Wheelset

    from: 2.008,40
  • SL 30 Tubular Wheelset

    from: 1.327,73
  • SL 30 Disc Tubular Wheelset

    from: 1.361,35
  • SL 45 Clincher Wheelset

    from: 1.495,80
  • SL 45 Disc Tubular Wheelset

    from: 1.445,38
  • SL 45 Tubular Wheelset

    from: 1.411,76

The magic of carbon in your wheelset

Carbon combines lightweight properties with high performance – something that racers and road bikers in particular have come to appreciate tremendously. The added speed and balance facilitates quicker reaction times, peak output and utmost power. All carbon bike rims by Schmolke Carbon can be used with disk and rim brakes at prime heat performance levels. Top-quality, fast delivery, unmatched quality – experience Schmolke!