Schmolke Carbon

More layers, less weight

No question: carbon is light. But the weight alone says nothing about the quality and thus the durability of a seat post. The decisive factor is the layer structure, i.e. the arrangement and alignment of the carbon fibres (prepregs). SCHMOLKE always relies on a component-appropriate design with an intelligent layer structure and a precise angular arrangement of the hand-laid carbon layers.

The TLO (The Lightest One) seat posts are made of high-quality T1000 carbon fibre. The tube is made up of up to 17 extremely thin carbon fibre layers (prepregs) only in the particularly stressed areas. In the “stress-free” zones, this number drops to 6. Countless test bench trials are necessary to work out the optimum structure for each seatpost length and diameter.

„This sophisticated construction is very elaborate and not feasible in Asia. Cheap Chinese props are built with a constant wall thickness throughout, which greatly simplifies production but adds unnecessary weight,“ Stefan Schmolke reveals.

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Higher flex, perfect finish

SCHMOLKE Carbon seat posts are not only light as a feather, but also tough. They noticeably dampen vibrations when riding on the road and absorb bumps when graveling or mountain biking off-road. The hard rear of the bike becomes much more comfortable thanks to the high elasticity (flex) of the seatpost – the pressure on the rider’s seat area is reduced. You can invest the saved energy perfectly in your performance.

A few words about the finish: All our lightweight carbon seat posts are unpainted, which saves additional weight. The epoxy finish in noble matt black is much more resistant than any paint finish – and it also protects against surface scratches. TLO seat posts can be ordered in 1k fabric or in UD. 1k is the classic carbon look with biaxially woven fibres. With UD (unidirectional), all carbon fibres run in one direction. This gives the surface a uniform black, almost painted look. UD carbon parts are only minimally heavier than the 1K carbon parts.

The SL and TLO seatposts regularly achieve top values for flex and weight in test series. Click here for the test reports.

The table gives you an overview of the weights and dimensions of the lightweight TLO 1K seatpost with diameters of 27.2 and 31.6 millimetres for road bikes. They fit all road bikes without adapters – for a perfect bike fitting.

By the way: no Setback please

In the past, seatposts with setback (i.e. with offset) were the order of the day. In today’s modern frame geometries they hardly play a role any more. Seatposts without setback are straight, the saddle is directly above the seatpost without offset. You sit more centrally on the bike. And you achieve a stronger, forward leaning riding position. Without setback, the seatposts are lighter because they do not require additional wall reinforcement.

3-years warranty on SCHMOLKE Carbon seatposts

In addition to the legal warranty of 2 years, you receive a one-year warranty on top of all SCHMOLKE carbon seat posts. For the full warranty claim, simply register your product directly after purchase.

Even after the warranty has expired and in the event of irreparable damage (e.g. due to an accident), you can make use of our Crash Replacement Service. If you buy a new SCHMOLKE Carbon product as a replacement, we will grant you a discount on the respective list price. The discount depends on the age of the product. Therefore, please be sure to send us proof of purchase.

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