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The folding bike conquers the world

Folding bikes are cult. They work like a Swiss army knife and are ready to ride in just a few steps. They are therefore extremely practical for urban spaces and in the urban jungle. When folded, folding bikes can be carried easily and comfortably in elevators, stairs and subway stations. They can also be transported in buses and trains to save space – a great advantage for commuters and travelers.

For the cult brand Brompton, SCHMOLKE Carbon has special carbon components such as seat posts, handlebars and rims in its program, which you can easily replace with the original parts. This makes your folding bike even lighter, and you even faster on the road. True to the motto: Be light. Be fast.

In Asia, the folding bike is not only a means of transport but also a status symbol. The scene there celebrates itself and likes to show off its elaborately pimped folding bikes. You can do that too!

Lightweight carbon components for folding bikes

In our online store you will find seat posts in different lengths. For folding bikes, you need lengths between 500 mm and 600 mm, depending on the model. The ultra-light SCHMOLKE Carbon TLO seat posts offer you a high level of comfort with significantly reduced weight. Compared to conventional steel seatposts, you save up to 50% weight when exchanged for carbon.

Our SL series offers you different saddle variants: our lightweight, the purist full carbon saddle with only 79 g (SL 79), the SL 119 in the leather edition or in the leatherette edition (SL 119 leatherette).

MTB handlebars from SCHMOLKE Carbon can be ordered for mounting on a folding bike in a very short version. Most folding bikes support the clamping dimension 25.4 mm. On the new Brompton T-Line can also be mounted our Flatbar Oversize and the Lowriser, both with a clamping dimension of 31.8 mm.

We also produce robust carbon rims especially for the 16-inch Brompton wheels. As White or Black Editions, with 20, 24 or 28 spokes, the noble and robust rims weigh about 200 grams. Perfect for your folding bike tuning.

Our Folding Bike Products

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