Carbon Handlebars – Carbon SeatpostsCarbon Rims – Carbon Wheels

The Schmolke Carbon Story – Handmade in Germany

by Stefan Schmolke since 1992

As a young lad Stefan Schmolke, together with his brother Matthias, started racing. His passion for the sport and the technical interest in lightweight bicycle parts it spawned made him study mechanical engineering. His thesis was done under the supervision of Hans Christian Smolik, Germany’s godfather of ultralight bikes and parts. In 1989, around the time he was about to graduate from university, he, together with his brother, opened a bike store, concentrating on high-end bicycle parts.
From that on he developed superlight carbon handlebars, carbon seatposts and carbon wheels. With all his passion for the detail he currently have the lightest carbon handlebar in the world.

  • Festka Scalatore wins the Desing&Innovation Award 2018

    With the Scalatore, Festka has created a very unique climbing rig. Thanks to a classic frame design, genuine craftsmanship, and outstanding features, the Scalatore is a very special representative of the ultra-light racing crowd. The carbon frame is ha...

  • The lightest 29ers ever built

    By the end of the 2016 season, Gustav Gullholm thought it was time to start looking for two new cross country bikes. Scott had just released their new Scale and Spark models, and coming from an old Scott Scale SL, this was a natural choice. Having a look...

  • The Bugatti Bike Project

    "The vision of building the ultimate bicycle to go with the ultimate car; ultimate in design, workmanship and performance" PG, the luxury bicycle crafter from Regensburg is expanding its programme with a very special product and we ar...

  • three national Championship titles for Schmolke Carbon sponsored Athletes
  • prestigious award for innovation for Duratec and Schmolke Carbon wheels

    The Czech bicycle company Duratec won last weekend at the UK handmade bicycle Show with their new Phantom carbon road racing bike - equipped with our Schmolke Carbon TLO 45 wheels the prestigious "Steve Worland Innovation Award 2017" find more:

  • How we ended up in the Swiss Sexy Cycling Calendar

    The calendar project started out as a simple bike trip across the Alps. When one of the disc brakes went up in smoke on the first proper descent of the trip we ended up with the good guys from Atzeni Bike shop. A few beers and a new disc brake later we d...

schmolke-carbon-evo- SL-1k-finish



150175 GRAMS

*Schmolke SL EVO

drop bar roadbike carbon handlebar Schmolke Carbon EVO TLO



130150 GRAMS

*Schmolke TLO EVO