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Schmolke Carbon

SCHMOLKE Carbon components in test

SCHMOLKE Carbon stands for 30 years of lightweight construction expertise and first-class quality. We want to maintain this level and at the same time continuously improve our carbon components. Constant quality controls and long-term tests as well as the experience of our racing teams and individual riders flow into the product development. In addition, our saddles, seatposts, handlebars and stems as well as wheels are also welcome star performers and excellent front-runners in various test series.

Zedler Institute – Gravel handlebar test example

Our carbon gravel handlebars are robust and can take a lot. This is shown by the test by the renowned Zedler Institute. In the test video you can see the extreme deflections and associated loads that our “test subjects” go through in various test procedures.

Source: Zedler – Institut für Fahrradtechnik und -Sicherheit GmbH

Test winner seatpost test ROADBIKE 2022-04

„It is almost forbiddenly light in my hand. After mounting the bike I check the flex by pushing the saddle back and forth with my hand. I see how the carbon works and I’m thrilled: it looks really comfortable!“

Eric Gutglück,
Roadbike editor.

More info on the test:
Seatpost test ROADBIKE 2022-04

Saddle TLO 65 – Tour Magazin 7/2020

Carbon specialist Schmolke calls its top saddle „The Lightest One“ (TLO), which is available in versions 55 and 65. We tested the „heavy“ 65 version, which weighs 63 grams. Nevertheless, the saddle is supposed to be able to carry a 100-kilo rider. The narrow shell with the huge cut-out in the middle is surprisingly comfortable to ride. This was confirmed by two testers, one with 12, the other with 13 centimetres of seat-bone distance. The saddle flexes visibly in the middle, and the side wings also flex. The long saddle rail, which can be clamped over a wide range, is also responsible for this. You have to get used to the very smooth surface at first. Once you have found the optimal position, however, you sit firmly in the saddle. The manufacturer explains the extremely high price with a lot of manual work, individual quality control and high tool and material costs.


Schmolke Carbon SL Clincher wheels - the RACETIP in the racing bike magazine

The racing bike magazine calls it the most up-tempo test ever performed on you: Tested were eleven aero wheel sets with rim heights of 45 to 50 millimeters and a price range of 899 to 4120 euros in the wind tunnel and in the laboratory. The results of the SCHMOLKE Carbon SL Clincher wheels need not hide even from the more expensive models competition.

Click here for the article and the test results

SCHMOLKE Carbon TLO - the stiffest and lightest carbon handlebars in the world

This confirms an American test, in which first the absolute stiffnesses of current carbon racing handlebars and then the stiffnesses related to weight were measured. Our FullOver occupies in this important Stiffness-to-Weight rating by far place 1.

Click here for the test!

Test victory for SCHMOLKE carbon seatposts

In its current issue (06/2012), the magazine ‚RennRad‘ took a closer look at 13 comfort seatposts. From SCHMOLKE Carbon were the two carbon seatposts TLO and SL with it. Due to their by far highest flex properties (50 Nm and 53 Nm, respectively), they secured the test victory. Both seat posts also beat the competition in terms of weight.

The complete report is available here as a PDF download

Luca Jenni: Leading in the Mountain Classification

Konstanz, June 12th, 2024 – Luca Jenni (Swiss Cycling), who is competing for the Swiss national team, is riding the SCHMOLKE Aerrow TLO Dura-Ace in the current Tour de Suisse. In the last two stages

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