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Teams and guys who hunt for top performance with their winning gene and create unique successes are always so welcome at SCHMOLKE Carbon. Get to know our racing team and our brand ambassadors now.

Maloja Pushbikers - Germany

The Maloja Pushbikers have been around since 2014, and they are more than just a professional cycling team: rather a community, of like-minded individuals.Their team conists of pros, their own young cyclists and cycling enthusiasts. Team founder Christian Grasmann loves and lives cycling and has made it his mission to make a contribution to cycling with his team. SCHMOLKE Carbon is pleased sponsor Maloja Pushbikers.


Under the leadership of visionary Steffen Bausch, five united cyclists from the greater Stuttgart area are on board. These riders have already competed together in various constellations on other teams. After training thousands of kilometers together, valuable friendships developed. From this, an idea sprung: the birth of Bausch Factory Racing Team.

Even though some of the team members narrowly missed out on a professional career, the five riders have set new priorities alongside cycling, with careers, families and businesses of their own. With the BAUSCH FACTORY RACING TEAM, they combine competitive cycling, fun and sporting successes to bring visibility to the team. The new team has been competing for SCHMOLKE Carbon since 2022 and is aiming for top places straight away.

We wish you every success, boys!

Andreas Klöden, Brand Ambassador - Switzerland

Andreas is one of the most successful professional cyclists Germany has ever produced and since July 2022 he is the new brand ambassador for SCHMOLKE Carbon: Andreas Klöden. Already during his professional time at the Team Telekom, Andreas had the opportunity to ride and learn to appreciate the SCHMOLKE Carbon racing handlebars together with Jan Ullrich. His enthusiasm for what is technically feasible led to an exchange of ideas with Stefan Schmolke during bike rides and ultimately to a partnership.

From their shared passion for lightweight carbon bicycle parts, Andreas Klöden and SCHMOLKE Carbon are now joining forces in the future development of high-end carbon racing bikes. The experience of Andreas Klöden coupled with the technical know-how of the inventor of the carbon racing handlebar, Stefan Schmolke, is already showing its first results with the new AERROW complete bike.

We are looking forward to our continued work together with Andres Klöden!

Gustav Gustav Gullholm („Dangerholm“) - Sweden

Extra-short jeans shorts and top-finished mountain and gravel bikes are his trademark. The Swede Gustav Gullholm – known as Dangerholm – stands for extravagant dream bikes with high-end carbon components – noble works of art made for the trail. And what does he himself say about it?

„My name is Gustav „Dangerholm“ Gullholm. I’m mostly known for building really individual and super-light mountain bikes and taking part in marathons in leopard-print tights. With a mixture of rock’n’roll, humour and lots of carbon, I try to put a smile on people’s faces and push the boundaries of what people think is possible when it comes to mountain bikes.
My goal is always to build bikes that you can ride and ride hard. Lightweight works of art, yes, but not show bikes. That’s where Schmolke Carbon comes in, and that’s the reason why I chose the TLO series components for my „World’s Lightest 29ers“. I can’t wait to build new crazy bikes, and even more – ride them!“

Welcome to SCHMOLKE Carbon! We can’t wait to see your crazy bike builds.

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Luca Jenni: Leading in the Mountain Classification

Konstanz, June 12th, 2024 – Luca Jenni (Swiss Cycling), who is competing for the Swiss national team, is riding the SCHMOLKE Aerrow TLO Dura-Ace in the current Tour de Suisse. In the last two stages

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