Schmolke Carbon

Strong carbon components for your mountain bike

What applies on the road also applies on the trail: every gram counts! Equip your mountain bike with the lightest and most robust carbon components from SCHMOLKE Carbon, the lightweight specialist from Germany.

Thanks to its outstanding stability, stiffness and lightness, carbon is also a very popular material for mountain bike tuning. For high-end mountain bikes, we offer MTB rims, seat posts, handlebars and accessories made from carbon (on request also for e-mountain bikes with reinforced layers). The assembly or replacement of the components is quick and easy thanks to our enclosed assembly instructions.

For more performance:
MTB rims TLO XC and TLO CX

Wheels count double. Because wheels not only move forward with the whole MTB, but also rotate around themselves, rotational energy is also consumed. So, if you can reduce the rotational mass per wheel, and the total wheel weight, your energy input is twice reduced. With our super-light carbon wheelsets, you not only save weight, but also increase your performance.

Our MTB rims TLO XC and TLO CX are ultra-light – the TLO CX rim weighs no more than 355 g! Thanks to the its high stiffness, you ride like on rails and control your bike precisely on the entire single track. We offer both wheels in 29-inch size, with a rim width of 30-millimeters inside and 36- millimeters outside. This allows you to climb faster and ride more safely downhill. The larger rim cross-section also improves stiffness and ensures smoother running, especially in combination with the DT Swiss 180 hub. Speaking of stiffness: The right type of lacing also increases the stability of the wheel, and we know all about that! Because at SCHMOLKE Carbon, lacing and bead breaking is real manual work.

Full control: with MTB Lowriser, Enduro and flatbar

With our MTB handlebars, you have full control over your mountain bike in on any terrain. The MTB handlebars Lowriser, Lowriser Enduro and Flatbar are full carbon, lighter and stiffer than aluminium handlebars, and they are competition-tested in the disciplines of cross-country, enduro and marathon. World champion Irina Kalentyeva and her entire teams Topeak-Ergon and Möbel Märki, as well as cross-country and marathon specialist and multiple Olympic medallist Sabine Spitz, have tested SCHMOLKE carbon components for many years under the toughest conditions.

In order to pass the endurance tests, we use the best prepregs available today with up to 17 layers of carbon fiber in the middle section. And this has a decisive influence on the high damping and thus on the riding comfort. Adjusting the handlebars to your body weight and personal riding style increases safety and comfort.

Thanks to reinforcement at the bar ends, our SL flat bars are still suitable for horns. On request, we offer the SCHMOLKE TLO flatbar and lowriser with ICR (Integrated Cable Routing) – making complete integration is also possible. All MTB handlebars are connected to the stem via a standard clamp (diameter 31.8 mm for Flatbar SL, TLO also still with 25.4 mm diameter). In combination with the 80 mm SCHMOLKE TLO carbon stem and the MTB carbon handlebar plugs, you can save additional weight.

Besides the handling, the finish of the carbon handlebars is also unique. Thanks to our clean, unfilled surface, we can do without the scratch-sensitive lacquer finish and thus save additional weight. This way we can show the natural look of the carbon structure and get a resistant epoxy surface.

A strong piece: TLO and SL seatpost

They are not only light, they also flex better. Carbon seat posts provide effective tuning for your MTB. Our lightweight TLO (The Lightest One) and SL series are in a league of their own when it comes to weight and flex in various comparative tests. Production is specifically adapted to the rider’s weight, i.e. the carbon mats are individually fitted to the rider. Depending on the design, they are suitable for a rider weight of up to 100 kg.

All seat posts are supplied with titanium twist bolts and mounting paste. The saddle mount is designed for oval and round saddle rails – an adapter is not required.

TLO seatposts can be ordered with the 1k or the UD finish. 1k is the classic carbon look with biaxially woven fibers. UD (unidirectional) describes a more discreet, completely black „fleece“ carbon look where all fibers run in one direction.

Hold your upgrade: 3-year warranty on
MTB components from SCHMOLKE Carbon

In addition to the legal warranty of 2 years, you receive an additional one-year warranty on top on all SCHMOLKE carbon MTB components. For the full warranty claim, simply register your product after purchase at

Even after the warranty has expired and in the event of irreparable damage (e.g. due to an accident), you can make use of our Crash Replacement Service. If you buy a new SCHMOLKE Carbon product as a replacement, we will grant you a discount on the respective list price. The discount depends on the age of the product, hence, please be sure to send us proof of purchase.

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Luca Jenni: Leading in the Mountain Classification

Konstanz, June 12th, 2024 – Luca Jenni (Swiss Cycling), who is competing for the Swiss national team, is riding the SCHMOLKE Aerrow TLO Dura-Ace in the current Tour de Suisse. In the last two stages

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