Widths: 520-740 mm

Weight: 80-120g

31.8mm / 6° bend

for Barends

1k fabric with red/white logos

extreme rigidity

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The 6° backsweep of the grip ends is currently considered the optimal angle for comfort in cross-country. In order to achieve the superior rigidity of the lightweight carbon handlebar, we let the ø 31.8 mm thick clamping area extend as long as possible over 200 mm to the usual 22.2 mm grip ends, which is particularly perfect for wide handlebars. You can even mount classic horns on this carbon MTB handlebar to give you an extra grip position.


Like all of our products, our SL full carbon MTB handlebars are hand wrapped (over carbon). The layer structure, developed over 30 years of production experience, with up to 17 layers in the heavily stressed middle section and only 4 layers in the lightly stressed grip area, enables the low weights despite the well-known rigidity and indestructibility necessary for cross-country.

Ordering information

Because of the bar end reinforcement, our carbon MTB handlebars can only be shortened up to 5 mm on each side. So make sure you order the right width for your needs! If you don’t plan on using bar ends, go for the TLO version! This handlebar is another 15g lighter without losing strength and reliability. These thin-walled carbon handlebars can be complemented with our custom carbon handlebar plugs.


All of our lightweight carbon MTB flat bars are not painted in order not to add unnecessary weight and because the epoxy surface is much more durable than any paint. So it won’t get scratched so quickly. All of our lightweight carbon MTB handlebars come in the current matt look. SL MTB bars come in the classic 1k fabric carbon look with (biaxially) crossed fibers. You can find out more about 1k here.

Installation manual MTB Flatbar SL

Always use a torque tool for installation!

Do you have special requests or would you like to have different components fitted to your bike? Let us know how you envision your custom bike. We will work with you to build your dream bike: to the contact form.

MTB Flatbar SL



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