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Schmolke Carbon rims

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Product information Schmolke Carbon rims

Warranty: 2 years plus Crash Replacement

Production: The rims are made in Germany

Brake type: Rims can be used for disk brake and rim brake.
20 hole rims are not recommended for disc use.

Tubeless ready: Clincher 62mm rims are tubeless ready, Clincher 45mm rims are available in a tubeless ready (TL) and non-tubeless ready version. The non-tubeless ready CL 45 rims are 30 grams lighter.

Color options: Red/White, White/White, Black/Black

Heat resistance (Tg) 230 Celsius due to newly developed resin this is much higher than our competitors

Weight limit: 105kg

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Light, strong and very durable

When it comes to acceleration and overall speed, carbon rims help to save weight where it matters most. The rotating mass on the very outside of the wheel has a decisive effect on your bikes performance and this is where our motto #everygramcounts really comes into play. Please only order these rims if you have experience in carbon wheelbuilding or have an experienced wheelbuilder who will assemble the wheels for you since we cannot not give any warranty on wheelbuilding-related product failures.

All rims come with wheelbuilding instructions and the required Sapim HM washers.


Rim type Weight Width Inner Width ERD Tubeless Ready
Tubular SL 30 mm 310g 25,4mm 577mm
Tubular TLO 30 mm 280g 25,4mm 577mm
Tubular SL 45 mm 385g 26mm 547mm
Tubular TLO 45 mm 365g 26mm 547mm
Clincher TLO 30 mm 390g 28mm 21mm 577mm
Clincher SL 45 mm 415g 26mm 17,6mm 547mm
Clincher TLO 45 mm 395g 26mm 17,6mm 547mm
Clincher TLO 45 mm TL 425g 26mm 17,6mm 547mm x
Clincher TLO 62 mm TL 520g 28mm 17,6mm 513mm x


Schmolke Carbon rims are made in Germany.


Additional information

Rim type

TLO 30mm Clincher TL, SL 30mm tubular, SL 45mm tubular, SL 45mm clincher, TLO 30mm tubular, TLO 45mm tubular, TLO 30mm Clincher, TLO 45mm Clincher, TLO 45mm Clincher TL, TLO 62mm Clincher TL

Spoke count

20 spokes, 24 spokes, 28 spokes


Black edition, Team edition Red/White, White Edition