Schmolke Carbon

How we ended up in the Swiss Sexy Cycling Calendar

The calendar project started out as a simple bike trip across the Alps. When one of the disc brakes went up in smoke on the first proper descent of the trip we ended up with the good guys from Atzeni Bike shop. A few beers and a new disc brake later we discovered that they were just about getting ready to shoot the 2017 Swiss Sexy Cycling calendar. Coincidentally there was still room for some Schmolke parts. Needless to say that this project was given instant priority and even Stefan Schmolke himself managed to make room in his busy calendar to go and personally oversee that everything was shot in no less than mint conditions. Already in its fourth year the Swiss Sexy Cycling Calendar is the perfect gift for every passionate cyclist. Featuring Schmolke Carbon seatposts, handlebars, rims and lots more. 

Click here to reserve your copy and to see some more images.

All images by Daniel Geiger. Delivery starts 1st week of December 2016.

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