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Peak aerodynamics with carbon wheelsets & rims

For road bikes, gravel bikes and mountain bikes

Weight is key to achieving peak performance. Schmolke Carbon uses an optimised weaving technique. A continuous carbon thread brings increased stiffness and better performance to the wheelsets, finding the perfect balance between lightness, stability and power. Every high-quality carbon wheelset is manufactured by Schmolke in Germany, whereas many other manufacturers produce in Asia. We fully build and lace all our wheelsets in-house, and we monitor every step to ensure uncompromised quality and peak performance for every carbon wheelset and carbon rim. You can feel the difference!

Models and properties

There is more than just one single carbon wheelset in our range. All Schmolke Carbon wheelsets and rims are tailored to specific uses and qualities. The following carbon wheelsets and carbon rim options offer different properties for road bike, mountain bike and gravel bike use:

  • Tubeless-ready
  • Clincher
  • Tubular
  • Rim brake
  • Disc brake

Schmolke Carbon can rely on more than 30 years of carbon experience and know-how to obtain the best results:

  • All carbon rims and carbon wheelsets are very light, making them ideal for climbing challenges.
  • Excellent aerodynamic properties.
  • Rim brake wheelsets have very good braking capacities.
  • All our rims and wheelsets are unpainted to avoid any unnecessary weight. All Schmolke Carbon rims are of the highest quality; any single defect would be visible.