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Our aero bars are mounted under the actual handlebar, the armpads are level with the handlebar. This setup results in an aerodynamically low crouch which requires a meticolous setup of the bars to be comfortable. Hence both tubes of our time trial bars are fully adjustable, both in their distance to each other, as well as in the angle of incline. The armpads, too, are adjustable on their shock absorbing supports.
We offer the carbon fibre tubes either with a traditional 60° bend or with a 5°. You may fit the 5° angled front section pointing upwards, or pointing downwards, whichever suits your idea of upper body tension best. The 60° version’s advantage is that it helps to streamline the torso. Your arms are in front of your body and help you to aerodynamically “dive” through the air.
Our TLO series is made to measure from the best prepegs available in the market (about carbon). Courtesy of this, and with a further refined fibre layering design, we manufacture with less layers. This helps to shave the weight down even further. For the highly stressed rear part, for example, we use up to 15 layers of extra thin carbon fibre prepreg. For the front part, where there is little mechanical stress, this figure goes down to just 6 layers. The bridgepieces and the arm supports are CNC machined from extra strong 7075 T6 aluminium. The M6 screws are turned from high-tensile Ti6Al4V titanium. The blocks between the triathlon bar and the base bar are CNC machined from delrin, a preassure resistant and extremely light material.


  • The length of the aero bars is determined by the length of your forearms. Please state the length of your bent forearm, as measured from the elbow to the tip of your extended middle finger. The two tubes may be shortened up to 30 mm on the long end and 10 mm on the short front end, using a standard metal saw.
  • With the armpad supports supplied, you may mount the armpads up to 180 mm apart. In case this should not be enough, better order the extended armpad supports, which are 15 mm longer. With these the maximum distance between the armpads goes up to 210 mm.
  • Please let us know whether you are using a 26 mm or 31.8 mm handlebar.
  • In case you want to use bar end shifters, please say so when placing the order. Our clip-ons, as standard, are not designed to accept these.
  • Our standard road bars are not designed to be used with aero bars either. If you want to use your road bar with an triathlon bar, please tell us so when ordering. We will supply reinforced roadbar versions free of extra charges. Still, as a standard we supply the lightest possible version, which is what, according to experience, most of our customers want. Trade customers are usually supplied with the standard version without reinforcements.
  • Use our lightweight carbon fibre plugs or our lightweight carbon fibre bridge to finish these bars.

Assembly Instructions

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Triathlon Bar/Time Trial Clip-On TLO


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