Diameter: 27.2 / 30.9 / 31.6 / 34.9 mm

Lengths: 200, 220, 250, 280, 300, 350, 400, 450 mm

Weight: e.g. 27.2 x 350 mm 110 g

1k fabric or UD with red / white, black or white logos

maximum comfort thanks to noticeable flex

Also for oval saddle racks up to 8 x 12 mm

Inner diameter fits Di2 battery

Availability: Products shown as “in stock” will be delivered within 48 hours. Items on backorder will be dispatched within 3 weeks.

“It feels almost forbiddingly light in my hand. After fitting, I check the flex by pushing the saddle forwards and backwards with my hand. I can see how the carbon works and I’m delighted: it looks really comfortable!” Eric Gutglück, Roadbike editor. For more information on the test, see Seatpost test ROADBIKE 2022-04


Like all our products in the TLO series, our Setback full carbon seatposts are hand-wound from the best prepregs available on the market to suit your weight and riding style. Compared to standard carbon seatposts, these lightweight seatposts are designed to be more vertically compliant without losing lateral or torsional stiffness, resulting in a noticeably more comfortable ride without losing energy. The head clamps the saddle frame at 4 points. The slight rounding of the aluminium clamping parts means that even sensitive carbon saddle racks are not subjected to excessive stress. The saddle holder is designed for both oval and round saddle racks. The width must not exceed 8 mm and the height 12 mm.

The 5 mm Ti6Al4V titanium bolts are designed as expansion bolts to withstand MTB stresses without damage.
The tube is only constructed from up to 23 extremely thin layers of carbon fibre prepreg in the particularly stressed areas. In the stress-free zones, this number drops to 7 layers. Unfortunately, this sophisticated construction is very complex and cannot be realised in Asia. Cheap “Chinese seatposts” are only built with a constant wall thickness, which greatly simplifies production but adds unnecessary weight. For lightweight carbon seatposts in particular, countless test bench trials are necessary to work out the optimum design for each length and diameter. We also take into account different rider weights so that we do not supply the heavy standard seatpost for light riders, as companies with standard production have to do.


Ordering information

Our seatposts are reinforced where they are loaded by the seatpost clamp, so they must not be sunk too far into the frame! Please do not buy a seatpost that is too long in order to saw it off! We want to customise the overall length and flex of your seatpost as much as possible. Therefore, please measure the extension of the seatpost from the top of the frame to the centre of the saddle rails. You can then use this measurement to determine the required overall length of your carbon seatpost using the table above. If, for example, your exposed seatpost length is 170 mm, the 280 mm seatpost is the best for you (length outside the frame in mm 150 – 200). The 250 mm seatpost would be too short (length outside the frame in mm 125 – 175). Please let us know the measured extension!
For dealers, we offer the seatposts in 2 standard lengths with a larger adjustment range in order to keep stock levels low.

Surface options

All our lightweight carbon seatposts are unpainted to avoid adding unnecessary weight. Above all, the epoxy surface is much more resistant than any paint finish. It is therefore not scratched as quickly. All our lightweight carbon seatposts come in the current matt look. TLO seatposts can be ordered in 1k weave or UD. 1k is the classic carbon look with (biaxial) crossed fibres. With UD (unidirectional), all carbon fibres run in one direction. This gives the surface a uniform black, almost painted look. In general, UD carbon parts are a few grams heavier than 1K carbon parts. You can find out more about UD and 1k here.

Instruction sheet seatpost TLO setback

Always use a torque spanner for installation!

Do you have special requests or would you like to have different components fitted to your bike? Let us know how you envision your custom bike. We will work with you to build your dream bike: to the contact form.

Seatpost TLO Setback


The gross price may vary depending on the delivery country.

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