Test winner seatpost test ROADBIKE 2022-04

“It is almost forbiddenly light in my hand. After mounting, I check the flex by pushing the saddle back and forth with my hand. I see how the carbon works and I’m thrilled: it looks really comfortable!” Eric Gutglück, Roadbike editor. More information about the test: Seatpost test ROADBIKE 2022-04

EVO TLO roadbar review on feedthehabit.com

Artisans take extreme pride in their craft. For cycling, artisan materials are historically steel or titanium, but carbon fiber wizardry is something that some have mastered. I’d put the Germany-based Schmolke Carbon right at the top of that list. For over 25 years Stefan Schmolke and his team have made carbon fiber handlebars using the strongest and lightest material available and I’ve had the Schmolke Carbon Evo TLO bars on test this spring. See the full review

source: feedthehabit.com by Jason Mitchell

Schmolke Carbon TLO handlears – the stiffest and lightest

This is the conclusion of an independent test on BIKERUMOR.COM in which absolute stiffness and also stiffness related to weight (STW ratio) have been measured. Our FullOver handlebar takes first place in this important category. For more details click here!


Test victory for Schmolke seat posts

The German cycling magazine ‘RennRad’ a test of 13 comfort seat posts in its 06/2012 issue. Thanks to their by far highest flexing characteristics (50Nm, 53 Nm respectively) and low weight, Schmolke’s TLO and SL seat post landed on top position. The complete report can be downloaded here in PDF format.


Everything has been put to the acid test.

Before we start production we test everything on our purpose-built test-bench. Our first goal is to meet the new DIN EN 14781 and 14766 requirements. On top of that we punish the parts with our own, even tougher tests and Schmolke Carbon reviews. Under loads of up to 150kg the ends of the handlebars are made to flex some 25mm! Still they survive. We understand our work as an ongoing development, even when our seatposts and handlebars are already made in batches we continue testing. We are still on the quest for less weight and more durability.

If you have any questions on the Schmolke Carbon tests, please do not hesitate to contact us!