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when products are shown as “available on backorder” this generally means that these items are not in stock. The general production lead time for these items is 3 weeks.

1k, 3k, UD weave – what is the difference?

Over the last couple of years marketing people have used terms such as 1K or 3K when writing about carbon. This specifies the number of miniscule fibres (filaments) used in one roving. 1K stands for 1000 filaments, 3K for 3000 and so on. These rovings are then biaxially interwoven to make a carbon fabric. The differences between the fabrics are mainly in the looks. 3K has about 4mm squares and 1K only 2mm. Schmolke Carbon bars and seatpost are made with 1K and the bigger rims with 3K to get the best optic. UD stands for Unidirectional meaning that all fibres follow the same direction and are not cross-woven resulting in a cleaner look but also slightly heavier weight.

Are the prices shown in the webshop excluding VAT?

Prices in the webshop are shown to match your location. If you live outside the European Union, all prices are shown excluding VAT. If you live inside the European Union the German Value Added Tax is included in the shown prices. To make sure that the webshop has your correct location please go to the shopping cart and check your location via the “CALCULATE SHIPPING” button. This is also how you can adjust your location if needed. All prices will then be updated to your location once you click “UPDATE TOTALS”button.

How do you ship the orders?

All European orders are shipped with GLS. Non-European orders ship with DHL Germany. Please note: DHL will only handle the direct shipment up to the border of the destination country where the order will be handed over to national post. If national post is not an option for you please let us know when placing your order and we will make you an offer for alternative shipping service providers.

Do you offer crash replacements?

Outside of our standard warranty we also offer crash replacements. The crash replacement is determined case by case depending on product age. If you need a crash replacement, please send a copy of the invoice and a short description of the damage and photos to and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

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